The Hockey Association Membership Plan

All members get a stick and ball

Custom Stick Logos for Associations is becoming a great way to show off solidarity at the rink while helping to build the brand identity of your unique minor hockey association.

 Association kits

Hockeyball Association kits come in three different lengths and can be purchased by length for a targeted age group, and/or can be bungled in to Super Kits that cover every age group.

The Three different Kit Length are:

7.0/8.0 - for ages 5-8

9.0 - for ages 9-13

10.0 - for ages 13+

Skills Zones

The WHA and HockeyBall have assembled the top training systems, hardware and software that is guaranteed to elevate a players skill level. Our Kinetic line of sticks and blades also enable players to have fun, be creative, and learn all the latest Zorro moves and highlight reel goal scoring techniques.