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THE PLAYMAKER PRO Series are designed to be used by Hockey players and students of all ages and abilities.  This stick is made up of three key components: the HB DuraGrip, The Playmaker Shaft and The Playmaker Pro Blade. We incorporate the latest technology and designs to long lasting quality. 

Together, they combine to make the most durable and functional Hockeyball sticks on the market. Designed in Canada with a Pro Hockey feel, the Playmaker Pro series works well in school gyms for PE Class and as hockey training sticks for teams ranging from beginner to pro. The Hockeyball Brand is North America’s first and only brand to design and manufacture a smart indoor/outdoor floor hockey stick with the Playmaker Pro blade where the stickhandling, shooting and performance is a seamless transition for everyone playing off-ice, dryland hockey.

These sticks are engineered to be lightweight, scuff free, with a rounded flexible blade that prevents unnecessary injuries and damage to gym floors.  

BONUS: The Playmaker Pro Series eliminates the need for player protective equipment such as gloves, shin guards and helmets bringing the cost per player down to a lot less than traditional ball hockey and older floor hockey sticks.

The Playmaker Pro Series comes in 4 Lengths:

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