How long does it take to pack my order?

It usually takes between 1-3 days to PICK N PACK. We will notify you by email when your order has been sent out.

How long does shipping take?

Ship times will vary and we strive for a quick and efficient shipping process at all times. Each shipping carrier is different, but normally sticks take between 3-5 business days to travel to their final destination after they have left the warehouse

Where do you ship from?

For Orders in USA, we try our best to send from our USA Warehouse and for Canadian orders, we attempt, firstly to ship from our nearest Canadian Distribution hub. Sometimes, when a stick is out of stock in any of our warehouse options, we improvise and send from the nearest and most convenient location.

My kid wants to do tricks. What stick/curve do he/she need?

All our sticks and blades called KINETIC Series TRiX will have a toe-pocket made for tricks.

My kid wants a game stick. What's the best stick for games?

All sticks that NOT say TRiX+ are for games. There's different sticks for different players. Some are better for shooting, some for passing and some sticks are made for all-round players. Please see the sticks' description.